Laid up

On our 5th wedding anniversary we had 2 sick kids. Before the anniversary we had these grand plans of getting away for a long weekend in Napa Valley and toasting to the best 5 years of our life, thus far. Then life happened and we stayed in bed – which sounds delicious and naughty – but there were 2 sniffy noses and a couple fevers laying between Aaron and I. Those noses have names, Jessica and Oliver.
Now we finally got away without the kids – a whole weekend sans parental responsibility and here I sit in the hotel room, sicker than a dog. I hope I’m on the upswing so I can hang out with my man in the city tomorrow. This time around the nose laying bed is mine. We checked in to the hotel and I immediately took a lengthy shower hoping this would pull me together. Nope, did not go as planned – so I lay in bed and tried to sweat out the fever that was mounting higher and higher. I’ve taken 2 more showers and when I’m not a lump under the hot water I’m a lump in the bed surrounded by a sea of kleenex.
I plan on living it up somehow this weekend. I guess if I never see the outside of the hotel room that would be fine. At least I’m away and sick than having to deal with kids and a house, too. Rest is what the doctor ordered.
I am, however, missing Jessica already. Her tenacious vibrance and her smile. I just want a Jessica hug. I’m pretty sure that would cure all sorts of things.

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