Awesomeness is happening

Get out your calendars. This one’s gonna be a doozy. is partnering up with w a l c o t t imaging for an entire day of complete awesomeness.
Pretty much – it’s a day of live blogging on my end – some super neat giveaways that we’re working on (think camera’s and stuff, big stuff, cool stuff. Stuff you need and totally want) and photo shoots up the wazoo for you!
the deal:
* free 20 min session, 1 background, 1 outfit
* 15% off of print orders and proofbooks for the first 2 weeks after pictures are posted
* option to buy full res jpgs for whole session for $150 ($300+ value if you include the normal cost of the session)
* pictures are available to order/buy…etc. for 60 days after posting.
This is all going to be happening May 27 from 10 to 7 pm. An all day event. I’ll be there – so come out for a little meet n greet and get your photos taken FOR FREE, people – these guys are amazing. See their work here, here and here.
There’s no restrictions on these photos – you need photos of your entire family? Check. Kids? Check. You and your dog? Check. Your companies head shots? OK! Whatever you can do in 20 minutes. Your sorority? Check. Everyone dressed up in chicken costumes? Why not. Bring it. We’ll take photos of it and they’ll be rockin’ awesome.
FYI – w a l c o t t imaging takes our family photos and they’re priceless to me. I take a lot of photos but it’s something entirely different to have professionals taking our family photos and photos of our kids.
Want to schedule your free session? Good! Email Lisa or myself and we’ll get you on the calendar.

3 thoughts on “Awesomeness is happening

  1. WOW! that is an awesome deal. Too bad we are going to be out of town šŸ™ I always seem to miss the good stuff!

  2. I’m there! Wait, where am I going? Is this at their studio? Let me know! I’m thinking I’ll be there around 11:30am. Can I snag a time slot around 11:30 or noon?

  3. DETAILS! So glad you guys are paying attention. Yes, this is at their studio – downtown Holland, Mi.
    18 E. 12th St (Red brick house)
    Let’s do this!

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