I might have called my mom this morning and announced that if she, for some odd reason, was going to Target today that I would be MORE than happy to be her companion.
Weird of all weirds – she is going and I GET TO GO TO TARGET, PEOPLE. It has been months since I’ve been there. So sad. Let’s all cry a moment for that sadness.
I got to keep my money and Target got to be beautiful and $50 poorer for a long time.
I haven’t even been on their website because when I started to type it in my browser they didn’t even go ahead and guess what to finish it with. What is wrong with me?
I plan on buying some organizational things, it’s spring – these things happen in the spring around here. I obviously plan on buying countless $1 items because they’re in the front of the store – the greeting to my eyeballs when I walk through those pearly gates and I’m so overcome with love that I park my self in front of those $1 bins and try not to pee my pants from excitement. You think I’m kidding.

2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Oh, the $1 bins at Target are my weakness. I always stop and pick up new books or toys or socks for the girls. It’s like they suck me in! I had to hold myself back the other day because I wanted to buy stuff for the girls’ Easter basket but didn’t want to buy it with them there. It was painful to just walk by!
    So, good luck today! Have fun!

  2. I cannot wait! I’ve already thought of the Easter Basket conundrum so I’ll steer clear of those items for now – but yes, it’ll be TRICKY not to dump the entire $1 area in my cart and run away laughing. *Heckle, heckle*

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