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Things have slowed down a bit over here, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’m really trying to define what exactly I want to bring to the web – for myself. What I want to share, what I want to focus on. I’m so excited for the BlogHer conference because I feel like I’ll get some leadership in the area of figuring this out. At least I won’t have to reinvent the wheel. These women will have ideas, tips and solutions that I can hopefully see for myself and just put into place.
I guess mainly I feel like I have a lot to offer yet I find myself always talking about my kids. Not a bad thing at all – and I want to remember those times, stories and moments but I don’t really feel like I want to be sharing those with the world. Not that the world stops by here – but you get the idea. I’m a mom so much of the time … ALL of the time, I’d like to be focused on something else and use my brain in a capacity other than care-taking when I sit down to blog or write.
I might be starting a very exciting work adventure in my future – and I might be writing about that more often or I might just only write about that. I’m still trying to figure this all out.
Thanks for being patient with me.

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  1. Jodi- I just want to encourage you to keep pushing, keep pursuing! I am really excited for you that you get to go to BlogHer (a bit jealous too) but I think that 3 months from now you will be able to look back and have alot more clarity!

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