Lets play hopscotch, I’ll keep score

I’m menu planning today for the next 9 or 10 days. I love having a menu plan and am always inspired by what Raising Peanuts does every so often. I really enjoy getting new ideas for snacks in this house because I tend to think crackers should fit that bill every time someone’s belly is hungry and it’s not “dinner” time.
I try new recipes every week. ALL THE TIME. I love being in the kitchen and figuring out what spices, veggies or whatever work well together – and I surprise myself on a regular basis.
I just sat down to do my planning, so I don’t have much in the way of showing you anything yet – but I will.
Here’s some tips I just picked up from Jill Tanis on snacking …
Snacks do not have to be sweet, salty or crunchy. Maybe a snack is some leftovers? Tea? Soup? Something out of the ordinary? Maybe a snack is something you don’t eat at all, but something you allow yourself to do … take time. Relax, read a book, sit outside without noticing the weeds. Maybe you just need to play hopscotch.
I’ll be doing a few new things for snacks this week – making and freezing some very easy recipes … chocolate macaroons, power balls (think peanut butter bon bons), and cashew poppers. I’ll post recipes for each of these as I do them.
Other ideas or thoughts on snacking? Please share!

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