Ode to the Motherland

I love a day devoted just to me as much as the next person and Mothers Day ranks right up there – I don’t have to cook and I can refer all requests from children right to their father. Plus, I can make some of my own that get met without a grumble all because today is Mother’s Day.

It’s a total win-win for me, but for so many women out there today is as painful as the lonely teenager suffering alone in their bathroom on valentines without one acknowledgement of love or friendship from a fellow classmate, or anyone for that matter. And I really did just say that, I know I deduced this day down to pimples and lust but what I’m really trying to say is – there are so many forgotten mothers today, mothers we don’t even know exist because their bellies never did grow and the arms never did hold the child they longed for.
Or their child died. Or their mother died. Or they never knew their mother. The list goes on.

I’ll be honest, I love being a mom. It breathes life into me on days when I just don’t have anything left to give, but it also sucks that life right out of me. It’s a two faced coin and no matter what way you toss it, it always lands up. Always in the on position. Always giving, working, learning, caring, and worrying.

It can be just as devastating to a woman to be a mother as it can to NOT be one. And I’d put money on the fact that at one point, however small, in every mother’s journey – she feels that devastation and then the thorny guilt for allowing herself to recognize those feelings, however real they might have been.

So I love today – Mothers Day. However media driven it is, it’s a day where someone along the line said – hey … what you do is tough and I want to recognize you for it, oh and you’re doing a good job.

I’ll take it. And Thank You!

But I want to give it, too. I am a fortunate woman in the motherhood game. I have blessings upon blessings in my lifetime that amount to my children and their health and life, and Ladies … to all the ladies who arms are empty but hearts are full and painful today – God, how I love you, too. What you do – on a daily basis, watching us nonchalant mothers take for granted the one thing you don’t have yet, or maybe never will, you watch us punish and roll our eyes, you listen to us complain … you sit there often times unrecognizable while we paint the world around you with our woes and you’d give anything to change places for an hour, a second.

Today is your day, too.

Happy Mothers Day.

One thought on “Ode to the Motherland

  1. What an apppropriate post! Even though I have two beautiful children, I have also lost three and that pain is not seen by most people. Mother’s Day is a day mixed with joy and pain on many other levels in my life too and I thank you for posting for those who struggle with this day!

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