Garden boxes!


They’re DONE!!!
I got the idea here from the trusty Pioneer Woman. Love that site. Anyway … I emailed my dad after I read it on her site and said something like, PLEASE HELP ME! Only I’m sure I sounded less desperate.
It took us 2 afternoons – we built the first two in front in one day and the last one, behind another. I used all repurposed wood we had lying around so this project cost me 1 1/2 box of screws. I am not lying.
This is what I planted:
First two boxes in front are veggies
= Eggplant
= 4 different varieties of tomato
= 2 different varieties of lettuce
= purple pepper
= banana pepper
= summer squash
= yellow beans
The box in the back is “Jessica’s Garden” and she got to pick out her own plant – a strawberry one, then we planted some $1 packs of wildflowers from Target and some Sunflowers from the farmers market.
I recently picked up this book and am learning a TON more about planting – I’m planning on doing some staggering this year for season-round crops. And I might try some trellises for heavier fruits (melons) … lots to learn, this is so much fun!

4 thoughts on “Garden boxes!

  1. Pode, they look awesome! Glad I could help you with this project. Now, to tasete that food!!!!!!!

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