How to: Make a Diaper Cake

First of all, Cara if you’re reading this STOP RIGHT NOW.
Thank you. I’m fairly certain she doesn’t check this site often so I’m banking on being safe here, otherwise … ehum, I SAID STOP READING.
As you can maybe tell, this diaper cake is for an upcoming baby shower, this Saturday actually, so no spoiling the surprise.
Lets get to it … A diaper cake, an increasingly popular way to center the gift table or food table- or a really creative way to pass on all the “little essentials” a mom needs at first without stuffing a huge bag full of little trinkets.


You’ll need:
Diapers (one pack of 56 is what I used, but make it as big or little as you want)


Plastic hair tie’s


Cardboard in which to hold the diaper cake – you can buy a cake round from a store, or use a cake stand as well … but since I’m still in the diaper buying stages of toddler-hood I just cut up a box of my own diapers and went with that.


You’re gonna want to use it back side up.


Some large rubber bands (one per cake tier)


Ribbon, color of your choice


Double sided tape


And an array of cake toppers, stuffers or essentials for mom and baby


Now lets build it.
Take a diaper, lay it front side up with the opening towards you – like so …


And roll it up:



Now take one of those hair ties and place it around the rolled up diaper:


And do this until you’re blue in the face.



Take one large rubber band and start stuffing it with diapers – do this until you think you’ve got enough for the bottom tier of the cake. I made a two-tier cake so I did about 3/4 of the diapers on the bottom tier.




Repeat for top tier, or all other tiers.



Take a first pass at decorating the cake and stuffing it – I’d do this before adding the ribbon because depending on what you’ve got to stuff there would be some packaging to work around and it’s good to get an idea of the finished product.


This all a little messy for my liking – I wanted to keep the items in their packaging but had to resort to opening most of the packages. Entirely adorable and functional baby products … oh, those came from designs … yeah, you should totally check those out.
Once you’ve got the look of it down, get out your ribbon, measure it and cut it so that it’ll over lap. Use your double sided tape to secure it around the tiers of the cake.



Repeat for all tiers and YOU’RE DONE!



3 thoughts on “How to: Make a Diaper Cake

  1. I should note that there’s nothing holding the top tier to the bottom one, some people use an 8 oz bottle in the middle of the bottom tier and it sticks up which serves as an anchor for the top tier … you could use something you’ve boughten as a stuffer to anchor it, if it’s long enough – or just set it up there … you’re probably not going to be throwing it around.

  2. oooh – that’s adorable! I love the idea to “wrap” it so it looks more like a cake … hmmm, might be making some slight modifications to mine before Sat!!

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