Occupying the hazard

Keeping my mind busy today I’ve (mentally) gutted my kitchen/living room/mud room – breeze wayish room and built my dream kitchen and playroom, with a new dining room and front entrance. Lots of open spaces, windows and a couple french doors. Also, and this is KEY – a built in office for me – just a closet sized space with a stool under a desk/counter space and DRAWERS and CORK BOARD and CHALK BOARD PAINT. Excuse the obvious orgasm there.

I’ve mopped the floors on hand and knee – I’m sure the baby takes this task as a personal insult because he can’t walk on the floors and just looks at me like, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??!!

I’ve also commissioned an entire wall of built-ins for our basement with a wonderful space for the TV and toy cubbies. A window seat near our kitchenette and completely remodeled the laundry area and kitchenette to include a closed off laundry area, organization for separating the laundry and folding it – an island and mini fridge for the kitchenette aaaaaaaaand new floors.

My mind apparently thinks we have a money tree growing in our yard and has been feeding it steroids. Also? Apparently we’re not moving anywhere for the next 50 years.

*** Update on Aaron – he’s taking his pain meds today, although he’ll readily admitthat he waited too long to do this, his numbness down the leg has really intensified and we’re playing the waiting game until tomorrow. If it gets worse in any way today, we’ll be on our way to the ER again. He’s resting and reading right now in bed, staying on bed rest. He’s amazing. I’m all gooey and love-drunk on him right now.

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