Here’s a quicky

This is going to be quick because I refuse to have this back thing hijack this website.

Here’s the latest:

Aaron’s feeling fine. Taking his pain meds as precautions because he went back to work today. Yup. We can’t get into to see the neurosurgeon until next week Tuesday and there’s just no way he’s sitting in bed for a week when he feels ok.

We’re both feeling a little weird about it now because for the severity and everything on Sunday it just isn’t there anymore. He’s had some really good muscle relaxers and is still very much taking it easy – but we both feel like surgery just sounds silly.

We’re gonna follow through though because we don’t want this to come back and bite us later – or get worse.

It’s all very much in the air. So … I don’t have a lot of answers or information for you because I just don’t have it myself.

Thank you all for all the calls, emails and messages. Really appreciate the outpour of support.

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