Last words

Hey – so – you’re all awesome.

Thanks for all the emails, thoughts and prayers. And for diving right in there with me and freaking out.

We just got a call from the neurosurgeons office and they had a cancelation so we’ll be seeing him tomorrow morning instead of next week! We’re very excited to just get on with this.

Aaron is in almost NO pain any more – although he’s still not lifting things, save for his son once in a while. He can move pretty easily and is taking it easy on himself. He still has to sit for LONG periods at a time at work and is looking into buying a better chair so that doesn’t screw anything up in the mean time, but he’s taking frequent walks and just getting up and around as needed.

It was the compilation of so many things on Sunday that made this situation as big as it was at first. One, thats how it was presented to us and we didn’t know any different. Two, we were away from what we know, our home, our kids weren’t there etc etc. Three, Hardly any sleep and high on emotional decisions (ie wake up in searing pain = GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!).

After coming home and taking doctors orders to be in bed for the remainder of the weekend – everything improved ten-fold.

So … thanks for the encouragement and reality checks and the support. This isn’t going to be a huge deal. We don’t even know if surgery is the best option but we’ll find out tomorrow. If it is, then we deal with it.

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  1. Oh, Thank GOD! Will continue to pray that things stay on the UP part of the swing!

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