I can’t make this stuff up

Oh for goodness sakes. I just can’t turn it around today. Went to bed in a bad mood, woke up in one and then decided today would be a fine day to start throwing things over board. The “board” being a window and “things” being figurative nuisances. There were many.

I’ve kind of had the urge to just scream all day long. It would feel amazing, I’m sure. But I’d scare my kids and probably the neighbors, too.

Breathing deeply, oh yes. Very deeply. Waaaay too much oxygen in my system right now.

Here’s a couple cherries on top:

We bought a 2nd car earlier this spring – it’s a junker, a nicer junker – but it’s purpose was to get us through the summer, possibly fall. Longer if it wanted, I mean we weren’t going to trash it before it clunked out. And then we got an oil leak. A BIG oil leak. I put in a quart a day and still have the light flash at me. Then today on the way home from my dad’s house – he lives an hour away from me, I go over some road kill. It’s already dead and I still swerve to miss it. Well my wheels do, but my exhaust??? Not so much.

The stupid dead raccoon takes a chunk of my exhaust with it. Sweet! Now I sound like a Monster Truck Rally. I can’t make this stuff up.

I’m so tired. I just want to sleep and start today over. My poor kids have had a crabby mom today, we didn’t get home until 2 this afternoon after the doctors appointment for Aaron this morning (and we left the house at 8:20) – naps were non existent and the healthy food option for the past few days has been going without the fries at a fast food joint. I need a time-out. A day to catch up. I need some alone time.

3 thoughts on “I can’t make this stuff up

  1. Amen, sister. Can someone send us to an island for a few days to catch our breaths?

  2. YES PLEASE! A weekend away to Traverse City maybe? I’d even go to GR if it meant a night (or two!! dare I?) to recharge.

  3. Does someone want to sponsor two over-taxed moms/wives/women?? Any other joiners??

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