Life List 1-25

1. Live mortgage/debt free.
2. Live somewhere new for 6 mo or a year.
3. Visit a farmers market in Spain
4. Let go and live, presently.
5. Cultivate a successful garden, every year.
6. Raise chickens
7. Own and operate my Chicken Coop Cottage business
8. Get a college degree
9. Learn carpentry
10. Lose 30 pounds
11. Vacation yearly with Aaron
12. Tour Europe, not necessarily by backpack
13. Take a month long road trip with no destination
14. Stand proudly by Aaron’s side as he accepts a VC check from a major player in his industry for software that was his concept and follow through.
15. Be generous, in a “Big Give” kind of way
16. Live on the water
17. Have a vacation home
18. Build my dream kitchen
19. Tell stories with my photography
20. Win
Lakeshore Fine Arts Juried Competition. In short: WOW.
21. Grow old with Aaron
22. Watch my kids get married, and get old
23. Learn how to salsa dance
24. Learn how to throw glass into bowls or glasses or such
25. Spend a Spanish Holiday in a quaint native city – and dance the night away with Aaron
I started something like this a year ago and just updated it. In fact I just looked at it again after writing my new life list and I’m surprised that there’s only one or two things from the old list that didn’t make it to the new one – without my knowing about it. Good job, Jodi – way to be.
I’m excited and I’m sure I’ll dream bigger once I get the hang of this. Link to your list in the comments – I’m all kinds of excited to see what it is that makes your lists.

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