Life List 26-50

26. Learn Spanish
27. Become well read
28. Write a book
29. Make it to the NY TIMES Best Selling List
30. Watch Jessica meet Ariel for the first time, in person, at Disney World.
31. Visit Santorini, Greece with Aaron
33. Watch Jessica walk down her wedding aisle
34. Go skydiving
35. Go bungee jumping in Canada
36. Make 1,000 lovely things.
Banana Cream Pie, Pinata
37. Cook/Bake 100 different, creative things with Jessica as the master chef in our kitchen.
Morning Smoothie, with cookie
38. Say Yes to Jessica’s every request for 24 hours in a row. And if that brings us to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in search of mermaids, so be it.
39. See the Northern Lights
40. Make an apple pie from the apples of our own trees
41. Spend a weekend at a working ranch, helping and learning
42. Milk a cow by hand
43. Dig for clams with Jessica and Oliver
44. go lobster fishing for dinner
45. Safari in south africa
46. Go back to Nigeria, where I was born
47. Hang a really huge map and pin all the places we’ve been, make it a tradition
48. Become a published writer for magazines
49. Build a wooden car with Oliver
50. Buy a bottle of Crystal in celebration

2 thoughts on “Life List 26-50

  1. #34 — Let’s go!
    #45 — Let’s go!
    #47 — I did this a few years ago and it was really fun to put all the pins in. Although Tim was putting pins all over the world and I was stuck on in the US/Canada/Mexico area. Unfortunately my map is now in our storage unit!

  2. #35 – yes! Where are the places around here … I haven’t done my research lately.
    #45 – Oddly enough I just got a whole magazine in the mail about South Africa … no idea how. Very exciting though – lets figure this one out!!
    #47 – very fun. Jessica’s more interested in figuring all the states out lately too which will be really fun. Now to find a HUGE map.

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