Life List 51-75

51. Institute a pajama tradition for winter holidays
52. Fly co-pilot with my dad on the flight that will begin his retirement
53. Pay for each child’s tuition in cash
54. Leave a brief case full of cash in the middle of a crowded place and watch what happens. Finders Keepers.
55. Be part of one those “time stands still” projects
56. Go backstage after a concert
57. Vacation on a yacht
58. Contribute to one of my favorite websites
59. Do a home renovation project on my own
60. Build a house
61. Have a surreal experience
62. Tell my story
63. If ever overcome with emotion, let it go and cry freely
64. Watch either child teach something to the other
65. Watch Aaron teach Jessica how to ride her bike without training wheels
66. Do something really scary, like labor over a piece of art and then submit it for review or walk through a haunted building. Both are equally hee-bee-gee-bee’s for me. I submitted some work to a juried art show and was accepted!!! and then I won (#20)
67. Try 1,000 new things. Food, experiences, fabrics, techniques, travel, sights etc.
Mussels, Raw Octopus at a sushi bar (no photo), Duck at Bistro 110, BlogHer09!
68. When Jessica reaches the 48” mark, drop everything and go to Cedar Point with her, ride every single ride
69. Camp near a waterfall
70. Have neighbors with children who are playmates for our kids
71. Sell our house
72. Finish decorating a home
73. Plan a wedding for someone
74. Witness a birth other than my own
75. Spin a globe and where ever our fingers stop it – buy tickets within the hour for the next flight out of town

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