Life List 76-100

76. Be surprised
77. Throw a huge party for Aaron’s 30th, 40th and 50th
78. Vacation in Argentina
79. Visit ruins of ancient civilizations
80. Rent a beach house with friends
81. Spend a month in Peru with friends or family during a winter – kids running here and there.
82. Go on a cruise
83. Video interview all my grandparents telling their stories and antidotes
84. Gallop on horseback again
85. Learn more about my faith
86. Knock a wall down
87. Reupholster furniture
88. record a CD for my kids of me singing their favorite songs, reading their favorite books
89. Get in the habit of doing grand gestures for my kids
90. Wake up consistently before everyone else in the house
91. Learn Botany
92. Become a family who hikes together
93. Get my blood sugar issues resolved once and for all
94. Compete in an athletic race: running, swimming … whatever.
95. Look back in 20 years and remember the good times
96. Order a dirty martini with 3 olives in a hotel bar in NY wearing a swank black dinner dress.
97. Teach Jessica how to walk in heels
99. Sit on my dad’s porch, rocking in a chair and smelling the fresh Alaskan air around me – I’ll be watching him operate his float plane.
100. Stand on a cliff and breathe

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