there we have it

Now that the Life List is out there I already feel lighter. Like, peaceful and ready and like anything can happen.

I’m excited. I don’t know which one I’ll knock out first but it’s my goal to get to them all. I’ll probably change a few things here and there as life changes – as you’ve probably noticed there’s a lot involving Jessica and hardly anything involving Oliver. Well, he’s one. Not too much to gain from his personality yet of his likes or dislikes or things I can’t wait to witness. Maybe that’s weird, like I should already have a list of things I want him to be, do and see … but … I don’t. I’m not that kind of mom, I guess. Yet. We’ll see.

The things that I’m most excited about??

Mostly the experiences. For instance, leaving a brief case full of cash in a crowded place. That one tickles me. Or being a part of one of those “time stands still” projects. I’m giddy with anticipation. Obviously they’re all dreams so I’m looking forward to them all. Some will take my entire life to accomplish, others only weeks or months. Some years in the preparing – others spontaneous.

I made lists like this for almost every major marker in my life: Things to do before I get married (accomplished them all), Things to do before we have kids (accomplished them all) … they were smaller lists, for sure, but they were still dreams … not just a check list of things I had to get done. Places I wanted to take the future husband before being the future husband. Things and people to see – major life changes before a baby was born. All very exciting.

Ok, now you … what’s the most outlandish one on your list? And why that one?

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