Number 67

Knocking em out! #67 is “Try 1,000 new things.” First up? Mussels.




They got better with each passing try. There was one that actually crunched when I bit into it – that was not a winner. Otherwise, aside from the lugie-like texture, they are tasty. But that last point of reference is a hard one to swallow. Literally.
However, that sangria in the background helped a WHOLE lot. I can eat almost anything if accompanied by sangria.

3 thoughts on “Number 67

  1. uuugghh!!! I remember trying these one time long long ago in another life. I was trying to impress a father-in-law and found myself gagging in the process. šŸ™‚

  2. You are a lot braver than I am. I can barely choke down a bite of any type of fish let alone mussels.
    Just wanted to share a little tid bit of information….I am going to be in Holland in 56 days – get ready.

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