Kicking ass and taking names, or something.

On to making progress with the life list! I’ve accomplished a couple of lovely things to knock off the Make 1,000 lovely things mark, aka #36.
Right now I’m working on a pinata for a party tomorrow night – inspiration here but I was lazy this morning and instead of running to the craft store for balloons and the like I’m reusing a brown paper bag and making a square pinata – I’ll decorate it as a present seeing as the party is to celebrate a wedding. Get it? Gifts! Wedding gifts. Ok, ok.





The other night my niece requested a banana cream pie for dessert, so you know, I made one from scratch. Only 998 more lovely things to make.



I like those odds.

2 thoughts on “Kicking ass and taking names, or something.

  1. I don’t mean to be posting so much today but that looks delicious!
    You have inspired me to write my own list – many of my items are very similar to yours. I am almost finished with it and I may create a blog to reflect nothing but accomplishing my list and the photos to go with every accomplished item.
    I also was reading a new favorite “Urban Grace Interiors” a few moments ago and saw this post and it made me think of you and our trip to Mockingbird Manor.

  2. oh this is awesome! I still haven’t hung mine yet … but I’m still thinking it’ll go in the bathroom. Maybe you can help me execute that in 56 days. and by execute, please know that I mean, look at it – drink some wine – look at it some more, drink some more wine and then talk about it. ah, good times!
    I love that you’re commenting!! And if you do start a blog, please know that I will add it to my stalker list and read it constantly. Obviously.

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