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I have a hard time keeping up with all the things I want to bring to this website and one of the big reasons is time. After having baby #2 there just isn’t time in the day for me to think through an idea, edit photos and post a coherent thought to a website. Although I try.

However I have a few other road blocks … blogging was once a way to document certain things about my life so I could remember them later, or my kids could find them and read my thoughts or my take on something. I, personally, see a new trend in blogging and that is growing into more a have-to than a want-to mentality.

The mommy-bloggers are now one of the most powerful word of mouth advertising machines out there and most of the blogs I love and read often are prey to this. Being a reviewer of product or working with bigger blogging-machines to get paid. I have no problem with this, actually. I just don’t want to read all about it all the time. If I’m going to sit down and choose to click on one of the millions of links out there I want it to be worth my time. I just don’t feel like most of the mommy-blogs are worth that time any more.

We’re no longer talking about the community we’re a part of or how we’re trying to improve it. We’re no longer discussing the battles of motherhood and claiming a spot in the front of the line to battle the odds together. Instead we complain, boast, and brag. There are a few websites I still feel are very worthy of my clicking power which I visit often and try to comment as much as possible but I’m just not in this “blogging thing” for the numbers or the advertising revenue or the massive amounts of comments.

I’m terrible at following a new commenter back to their site – I’ll always check them out but if their most recent post is a review or a giveaway I’m not likely to ever come back. I’m just not about to be “won” to someone’s everyday life with a hook like that. Say something worth while, make me laugh or be outstanding at writing the most mundane things … chances are, I’ll come back.

So there you have it, I feel like this trend has been creeping along quietly and not so quietly in other places, but now it’s a full-blown mega-machine of mommy-bloggers fighting for your attention and frankly, you’re not worth it.

4 thoughts on “Views on blogging

  1. I tend to agree, which is why I’ve recently broken a few of my ‘contracts’ if you may. I never planned on being a review blog, although I am incredibly grateful for the things that have been sent to me since I feel that at the particular time in life it was Gods way of providing what we needed. And I’m not against a review now and again, it’s just that those were the only things I ever had time to get out! So in essence my blog was being over run by my contracts with others. Not cool.
    Now if only I could find the time to post something!! 🙂

  2. OMG yes! When I set up my blog, I debated taking the time to set up the adverstising. I just decided it was going to take too much time and the money and the visits I would get would not be worth it. I want people to read my blog for what I have to write, not for what they can get or see or do on it. Most of the blogs I’ve kept up with previously and are now reading more often than I would like sort of get on my nerves for the same reasons. A blog is supposed to be just that, a blog. I agree advertising and going out there for those opportunities is not bad, just not for me. I prefer my nice clean white page where its just my photos and my thoughts.
    I hope that you continue writing though, i’ve missed reading some of your stuff and it’s a good way for me to keep up on EVERYTHING.
    PS 43 Days!

  3. Oh yes, I’m not quitting. Although I say that to Aaron about every other month – “just take it down!”, but alas – here it is. I’ll keep writing, I just need to better organize my time in order for that to really happen.
    43 days, and COUNTING.

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