Wrap up

So, BlogHer09 was fun. There’s no way for me to recap what I did in a concise way, so … um. I’m glad we had this talk.

My favorite part was undoubtedly the keynote on Friday night where bloggers read a favorite piece of their own. Crying, sobbing, laughing, more laughing and some amazing stories. It was great. I’d pay for a ticket JUST to see that.

Friday was a little eerie (step out of your skin kind) for me, I kept getting the comment “You look so familiar” and no, it wasn’t because they knew of my blog, apparently I just have that face. But it makes me wonder, do I have a look-alike? I’ve always wanted a look-alike or, is there something out there about me, with my face on it that I should know about? Either way, next year I hope to meet even more people and step outside of my comfort zone on a much bigger level.

Here’s a list of some of the people I ran into, traded business cards with and met:
Fresh Vintage
Boss Sanders
Cindy We All Fall Down
Journeys of a well rounded woman
Prairie Mama
Southern Bella’s Ways to Save
Bite of the Best
Current Mom
Inn Cuisine
Culinary Snapshot
Label Daddy
Lisa Johnson Fitness
Ogilvy PR
Momma Findings
Lets Go Strolling
Feels Like Home
Dirt and Noise
In Jennies Kitchen
$5 Dinners
Sitter City
Xpat Adventures
House of Prince
Talk it Up

Not in any particular order. And there were more I met that I didn’t get their cards and I’m sure there are cards I’m missing, buried underneath the 18 bags of swag I was fortunate to bring home. Really. Half of Christmas is already taken care of.

BlogHer announced next years location and dates already – NY, New York!! Next August. Will I see you there?

3 thoughts on “Wrap up

  1. I need in on the bottom floor of the new site. I am busting at the seams with information to give to the world. Cannot wait to get it out of me.
    SEE YOU SOON!!! 🙂

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