Taking applications. Not really.

I keep talking about how there are going to be changes to this website and I understand if you think I’m a pathological liar by now, because none of these changes have happened. BUT ALAS! I BID THEE GOOD NEWS! It is my goal to have atleast SOME of the changes in place before my birthday – which is mid-September. So, you know, I’m lighting a fire under someone’s patootie. Not mine.

Ok. So now comes the time when I ask you to weigh in on these changes, please do so.

New look. Check. We’re working on that. Possibly moving my back end system for how I actually post new entries to WordPress (currently powered by Moveable Type) – and then making this site look better will be a whole heck of a lot easier.

Now. Do you guys want a special place to peruse my videos? Do you want more videos?

I haven’t done a recipe in a while, not because I stopped cooking – more because I’m having issues with the camera and my storage of photos – so we’re ironing that out and then those will come back, too. Like? Dislike?

Writing whatever is on my mind is pretty much going to be the main goings-on over here. I’m not turning this into a 3 pronged circus of THIS, THAT and THE OTHER THING! I just want to make sure I’m covering all my personalities. I keep myself busy.

The Life List: will have it’s own section. It already kind of has a home of it’s own, but it’s not finished – over there on the right, and I need to update it, link around in it and figure some stuff out yet.

The whole “Reviews” link you see of there? Leads to nothing. Sorry about that. Removal, coming soon.

I’ll be adding a FAQ’s space and a way to get ahold of me (right now there’s links to email me in the About Me section but I’ll be adding a few other ways of communication) Would that be helpful? Yes? No?

And here’s the open forum, what do you want? or really like? Or really dislike? About any site, my site – your site??? SUGGESTION BOX OPEN.

Thanks for taking the time to live through this piece of boring with me. It’s important to me though, that you get a little bit of what you want from this site.

**Also, side note: The whole “Your total chick magnet” thing at the top – is not the name of this site, my blog, the blog. Whatever it is you refer to this as. It’s just a tag line. Like “jodimichelle:your total chick magnet” and it was a huge joke that unfortunately has outlived it’s humor. So there it sits. All the time. Sitting.

Carry on.

2 thoughts on “Taking applications. Not really.

  1. AND THE ARCHIVES! Are pretty unsearchable. I’m guessing, because I really don’t know, that this will all become loads easier with the new WordPress publishing system. Lets hope so, because it frustrates me. And the comments taking forever to actually post? Also frustrating. All these bugs, we are aware of. Just haven’t had the time to work on them. UNTIL NOW. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  2. jodi,
    I really like the recipes and honestly EVERY thing that you write about. It’s real, it’s you and that is why I read this stuff. Helps me keep up with you when our day to day lives don’t allow it 🙂 A new look might be fun and some links to your life list (and maybe a link to the videos) would be great. Organized to say the least! I am so happy that you are motivated in doing this again and that you have a good direction to take yourself! PLUS a goal date!!! You are moving on, my friend!

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