Gardening with kids

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Our garden is taking off. I love the color this year, I’ve usually stuck to all things green when I’m planting but I wanted a bit more pizazz this year. I wanted blood – and by blood I mean, life. I wanted it to be bursting with life and color and shape and size. And I got it.
loves to garden just like mom
Jessica has been a surprising help as well. Not that I didn’t think she’d love the fruits of her own labor (she planted strawberries and flowers in her own box) but she’s very interested the garden as a whole. We weed together, pick together, replant and strategize about what’s next and what we should plant now or later. She’s a rock star.

reenacting the taste test
She had to try it
A crazy rock star who tries the veggies right on the vine and then leaves them there to pick later – “just checking to see if they’re ready” was her reason. Ha!
Baby watermelon
And we’re all looking forward to our watermelons. I bet when it’s ready to eat we won’t be cradling it in our hands like this.
Gardening is one of those things that is “Zen” or “Spiritual” for me. For some people it’s a clean house, or a quite afternoon. For others it’s cut flowers all over their bedroom or kitchen. For the crazies – it’s hang gliding and jumping out of planes. For me, the peaceful quite of watching something grow before my eyes. To see a flower break out into a vegetable or fruit – to nurture the nature of food, gives me food on a level that eating it never will. I really really love to garden.
What transforms your day or your life that way, for you?

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