To guilt or not to guilt when it comes to parenting

We just had a 15 month check up for Oliver.
what I see after a nap

We’ve been going every 3 months for a while with him because of some concerns we had as parents and the doctors willingness to work with us. After 5 different pediatricians before Oliver was even born, we finally found one we love and who, it seems, loves us back. At least he cares. I won’t start on that. So …
Happy Napper

They always ask the normal questions, what’s his diet, where does he sleep, is he talking yet, having tantrums? Then he brought up naps. Is he napping still?


Have either of my kids ever stopped? Jessica still naps every. single. day. There are days when we’re too busy or out and about and she doesn’t, but if we’re home and her bed hasn’t vanished into thin air, she naps. Also had a great idea for her future on junior investment isa for her to have the best education.

So yes, doctor, he naps. He’s still napping twice a day.

He casually mentions that at some point we might want to start transitioning him into a once a day nap routine. Routine. Hmmm. You see. I did the whole routine thing with Jessica. Read the books, stuck to them like my life depended on it – and she benefitted from it. She did. She thrived as a baby and still does as a child on her schedule, but Oliver? Well. Hah. Um. yeaaaahhh. I didn’t crack a single book on routines, schedules, pregnancy, or childhood when it came to his pregnancy or life thereafter.

I kind of let nature take it’s course this time around. Let my instincts lead the way.

But I did try his suggestion, of transitioning into a one a day nap routine. And by 4 he was a puddle of weepy baby following me around, being a shadow. By five o’clock he was sobbing on the kitchen floor, half sleeping, half out of his mind that I wasn’t listening to him. He just wanted his crib.
loving the mama love

So I gave him what he wanted. Which turns out, it was exactly what he needed.

4 thoughts on “To guilt or not to guilt when it comes to parenting

  1. Hey Jodi!
    I just thought that I would mention that Bella is turning 2 incredible years old next month and she is STILL sleeping like her life depends on it! I’m totally serious when I say that there are days that my super active toddler doesn’t even get out of bed until between 10 and 11 am and she will most certainly be ready for her afternoon nap right around 1:30. Then there are days like yesterday where she woke up at 8:30 because her friends came to play and by 12:30 she was ready to throw in the towel and call it quits…. she NEEDS her sleep and I totally NEED her to sleep too. she never slept as a baby under the age of a year so we are totally taking this new found habbit of sleep and loving it for many reasons 🙂
    2 thumbs up for 2 naps a day! 🙂

  2. Ok, so knowing that I am not a parent I am going to venture into advice land knowing good and well that you don’t have to take any of what I say as legitimate. 🙂
    People (including children) do not function properly when they are not rested and each person gets rest differently than the next. For example, I feel much better having 11 hours of sleep than I do when I have 8 but Paul would be miserable after 11 hours and hops right up after a good solid standard 8 (and sadly I do not get 11 hours…). If Oliver is awake and aware of his surroundings and enjoying himself and learning in the awake times – then he is making the most of his time and is using the rest he got to his benefit. If you make him stay up and his body is craving sleep he is, as you said, useless and on the kitchen floor sobbing. If your son is wasting an hour of his day sobbing he is not learning anything, growing in any way and he is certainly not getting rest so that he can do those things later. It is always said that you preform better when you are fully rested and if it takes your son two naps a day, then let him rest so he can thrive when he’s awake.
    Again, no children and I have absolutely no medical qualifications at all – but that’s what I think.

  3. I didn’t read the last line of your post and if I had, I probably wouldn’t have left the massive long comment that I did. You said everything I did but in one sentence.

  4. thanks ladies – Christa you’re too funny 🙂
    I’m not worried about it, I just thought it odd that they would mention that at a doctors visit for some reason. I’m sure they did when Jessica was that little too, I just don’t remember it.
    Unfortunately he had a difficult night because of all the trying not to sleep during the day so we’ll try not to repeat that today.

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