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I had a great night away this weekend, I went up north to my mom’s cottage with a girlfriend to hang out, drink wine and catch our breath. We drove around, went wine tasting and talked about anything and everything. It was food for the soul. Really good food.

In all of our talking and chatting budgets came up and I’m going to do a little experiment for the entire month of September and I’d love it if some of you joined me.

Here’s the deal:

I’m going to try to run my house on a total $500 for the entire month. The mortgage and bills, Aaron’s gas and his lunch money are not included but this is what is:

Groceries for the month
Fun activities I want to do or do with the kids
Clothes, shoes, hair cuts
All my gas

Do you think this is possible? Do you do it? Do you work on even less? I’d love some tips and hints for the month and as I discover ways to really cut corners without cutting lifestyle I’ll write about them here.

This kind of challenge gets me high, as in, really high. I’m all excited and pumped to do this.

A few things that I’ve been doing to help and not even knowing it …

I make my own laundry soap.

I make my own Floor Cleaner and even use it to clean the showers and tubs, and sinks. I save a little by using Dr. Bronners soap with a smell, I love mint – so I don’t have to buy essential oils.

A couple months ago I bought grains in bulk, and even honey, agave nectar, nuts and oil so I won’t be having to add those to my bill this coming month seeing as how I already have them stocked.

Kmart is doubling coupons right now and there are a ton of freebies after couponsthat I plan on trying to stock up on. Free stuff is always good.

Now … if I find that by the 2nd week in September I’m hurting for cash I’ve given myself permission to get resourceful … sell stuff. Either on craigslist, ebay or in stores around town that are willing to sell on consignment (kids clothes, even greeting cards).

Got any other ideas, links or know of some special deals?

OH! Also – new customers with Schawn’s Foods get $10 free food, up to the first 500,000 new customers. I ordered the chicken nuggets, a fav in my house.

7 thoughts on “Ready, set … GO

  1. My husband and I are starting the Financial Peace University Class beginning of Sept! We are currently in the process of re-vamping our budget etc!! But, I would struggle to only spend $500…and there is only 2 of us!! Can’t wait to hear how you do! 🙂

  2. Yup – we do it. Total for all of that is normally 560.00 but the last few months we’ve been working with less. 🙂 It’s possible and it can be done! It’s called the “eat in more/no clothes shopping/we need to make our own fun” budget!

  3. The link is working now, sorry about that! I had some of the code missing. I didn’t use a recipe with washing soda, so I’m not entirely sure what to tell you. I made liquid soap with Fels Napa, borax, baking soda and water. Thats it.
    hope that helps!!!

  4. I found the washing soda! They must have been all out the last time I looked. I also stopped at a thrift shop on the way home and picked up a big glass jar to keep it in 🙂

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