All grown up

So. Date nights.

Date nights are a little like leprechauns farting rainbows in my life – you imagine it and think “OH!” and you’re surprised and a little in disbelief.

Welcome to my brain.

We have a sitter lined up every week so that we can get the hell out of dodge and experience life together. Usually means dinner and a long drive, exploring a new town, a movie or just sitting in a parking lot talking. Sometimes we go necking. OH YES WE DO. And it is fabulous. It’s like breathing new life into my drowned body after being hit, over and over and over again, all day long with the tidal waves of parenting.

There are days when I think to myself “Why can’t I turn this around? What’s going on here? My kids are not the problem … my attitude is.” And then I look at the calendar and notice that because of schedules our date nights have possibly turned into the ‘Jodi gets groceries night’ or the ‘Girls coffee night’ or ‘Aaron works late night without parental guilt’. When I notice that I immediately try to take hold of the situation and reschedule an emergency date night. BECAUSE BEING A HUMAN BEING IS SANITY TO ME.

I may or may not have talked, at length, here on this site about how parenting is harder than I ever imagined it would be. I’ve even talked at length about how brain dead I feel some days, how amazingly lonely it is to be company to people who can’t communicate. So date nights are a window into my life from a different perspective. A much needed window where the shades are open and the sun is spilling through – where I’m seen on equal levels of importance and wit with other adults.

Where I get to be out of my house on an errand that doesn’t require bribing or discipline. On an errand that doesn’t require extra clothes, parks, or strollers.

My life is beautiful within those parameters, a light so bright that I can’t see straight some times, but the glimpse I get from being A Couple and not A Mom is a gift.

A gift my husband sees the importance of giving me (almost) every single week.

2 thoughts on “All grown up

  1. Well, as we stated before, get ready for your date night in two weeks to be with me instead. 🙂 Haha! Loved talking to you today and hearing the juice saga, hope all turned out well!

  2. I want to see you. What are the nights you have open when you’re here? is there an hour or 4 that can just be us?? Or the 4 of us at least?

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