Life List Update

Try something new:
This Entire weekend gets put into this category. A conference for this little blog, this little ol’ me. I loved it. Will be there next year, too!
Also, tried Duck via the Bistro 110 in Chicago, amazing.
Try 1,000 new things (life list) Tried the duck
#20 on the list is a whopper.
I refuse to consider this one crossed off, as I plan on winning at life, period. We’ll just keep a chicken scratch list of the sweat and tears.
And … #5, the garden. I’m pretty sure this one was cultivated and successful. I’m going to add that this #5 is repeated every year as long as we have land to cultivate.
Baby watermelon
I’m working on #92, Become a family who hikes together. I’ve made this suggestion every weekend for the past few weeks and so far the husband just isn’t too excited about it. But I’m not giving up. Weather has been an issue, but we have beautiful dunes and trails and we are going to explore them yet this year. Maybe in September.

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