oh the places we’ll go

I’m itching with flee-ful feelings. Flee as in, lets get outta here. TRAVEL!

I just re-read my life list to see what’s coming down the pipeline as far as checking things off and then I just got anxious like a boiling tea-kettle ready to scream, I want to travel.

Travel, travel, travel.

Lets go.

If you could pick up, uninterrupted, and go somewhere right now, where would you be going? What would you be doing?

I would be in San Francisco, I believe. Hiking, wine tasting, exploring and generally just soaking it in. From there I’d hop on a plane to Peru for a month and lay on the beach, learn spanish with Jessica and eat seviche for lunch every day. Oh, and learn to surf. I’d stop on home to take care of a few things for about 2 weeks, do laundry, re pack and head right out to Maine. Hop on a fishing boat and catch dinner 3 nights in a row. Then sail off to the middle of no where and watch the sky turn twinkly every night.

That would be the beginning.

One thought on “oh the places we’ll go

  1. I think I’d like to sell our house and spend a year without a home. Sell all our crap, too. Keep the stuff we want for memories and a few things we couldn’t part with, but then be nomads for a while. Traveling. Working. Eating. Connecting. And completely disconnecting.
    This is arguably the best year since Jessica has yet to enter the “official school years” – although I paid tuition today for preschool … details.
    This all sounds very fun and romantic to me because it’s something that is so UNLIKE what we are doing now, ROOTING our lives here. I kind of want to claw my way out of this system because once the school years start it’s going to be awfully hard for me to justify picking it all up and “playing” for a year. However, screw that.
    The world is bigger than our roots. Our backyard. I want so badly to show her that.

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