Good news

Remember this? We finally got the second opinion yesterday.

This is what happened. Exciting? Kind of just … meh. The pain isn’t gone for him but we’re glad that surgery isn’t needed and even rehabilitation isn’t needed at this point. He still has pain meds for when it gets terrible – but for now he’s supposed to be stretching and not sitting so often. Which is kind of like asking him to choose between his iphone and the ability to hear.


Side note: We watched a really stupid show on tv last night because, even though we have cable, there was nothing on. That’s a problem. Any way – at one point the wife was blaming the husbands blackberry for all their problems because that damn phone gets more play than she did. And we looked at each other and laughed because I hate that iphone. He’s on it all the time, checking email, texting, twittering … whatever. He wakes up in the middle of the night to check it. Yet, when I hear noises that make me uncomfortable he rolls over and says … I didn’t hear it, it’s ok. IT IS THE IPHONE’S FAULT. It always will be. No matter that I want one now too. Shut it.

So stretching and being healthy are priorities now. Which probably means he’ll have to start eating before 4pm every day and taking a small break to do something other than work. Like, walk around. Or, I don’t know, stretch?

I think Yoga Monday’s needs to be instituted at Elevator Up.

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