Truth or Dare

hello again, I get chatty when the weather is all cloudy and dripping in West Michigan. So if there’s ever a lull here just watch the weather channel – you’ll be guaranteed at least something if the weather turns wet.


Who does that bother? Panties, anyone?


It seems we’ve missed out on what people around here would call Summer but I’m just fine with the turnout of the sun this year. We had plenty of time to spend outside, at the fountain and at the beach. And the days in between were wonderful for getting caught up on things like laundry and my fort building skills.

Point is, I love Fall. I LOVE FALL. If there were a mascot for season I would be the one for Fall. I would try out and wear a leotard bedazzled with leaves and I would have a cheer prepared and hot cocoa in hand. I WOULD TOTALLY ROCK THE FALL TRYOUTS. And if someone wants to sponsor this little tryout, I will most definitely follow through on the above promises to embarrass the hell out of myself on the internet. Oh wait, I already do that … almost every single day.

2 thoughts on “Truth or Dare

  1. HAHAHAHA! So I haven’t even finished reading this post yet and I have laughed so loud and so hard about the “moist panties”. Paul and I say those words all the time and laugh about how much it bothers her! 🙂 Too funny.
    Ok, finished the post and I want a leotard bedazzled with leaves too! Sign me up!

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