Oh man. Today was also the anniversary of our purchasing this house. Well. Signing the papers to own it any ways. So, today is the “Owning this house” anniversary.

It officially marks the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent at one address.


I was going to take photos of all the things I love about this house, write it poems, weed it’s garden and bake it a cake with really rich icing. Then I was going to pour myself a glass of wine, sit outside (by candlelight) and eat half the cake by myself while reminiscing about the past 5 years.

Instead, though, I spent the morning cleaning my kitchen and baking a blueberry pie or else toss my blueberries. I made a batch of salsa from the tomatoes and herbs of my garden, I made garbanzo bean brownies and tea and swept my floor for our friends.

I spent the morning preparing for a celebration of a day I had no idea was coming.

I did exactly what I should have done today. I invited people into our home, I laughed, I made a mess. I sat outside, I swung on swings and I thought of someone other than me.

Happy Birthday, Schaap House.

You fit just right.
I love your sags and bags
and the way you keep my warm at night.

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