September 1 with $500 bones

Today begins September which also means my challenge for the whole month begins today.

I wrote about it previously here but here’s the run down again:

I’m going to try to run my house on a total $500 for the entire month. The mortgage and bills, Aaron’s gas and his lunch money are not included but this is what is:

Groceries for the month
Fun activities I want to do or do with the kids
Clothes, shoes, hair cuts
All my gas

I already know that gas is going to be tricky, so I’m going to have to get better organized about when I go out and what I get done when I am out. I need a hair cut, so there goes $15 right off the bat, and it’s time to get groceries. I’m starting the month with about half a tank of gas, one option for meat in the freezer and a batch of salsa I made this morning from my garden. I’ve got some grains that I can stretch, but it’s going to get interesting real soon.

I’m allowing myself to get resourceful if needed – so I can schedule photo shoots in the month as well as sell items on criagslist if extra money is needed – and I already sold a couple things and am hoarding my winning money in case of emergency.

My challenge is going to be coming up with free entertainment and not eating out. Oh and not spending so much stupid money. I think I can do it. Can you?

6 thoughts on “September 1 with $500 bones

  1. Funny story: When Jessica was real little we hired a “regular sitter” and one afternoon I came home to her looking at me like I was cross-eyed crazy woman. She had found my debit card in the freezer, in a block of ice. Literally. I would freeze my debit card and we don’t have a credit card – and she was all – what in the world are you doing? And I was all, I’m a stay at home mom, what do you think I’m doing? Making sure my family has food to eat even though payday is 12 days away.
    Point is … it’s on ice once again. I wonder if that’s still weird or just good house keeping?

  2. I really am not sure, in fact, I am almost positive that Paul and I don’t live on $500.00 a month. I have decided that everything we spend for the month of September is going to get logged so I can get an idea of what we typically spend and then see how much I can shave off of it. I’ll be interested to see how much we spend this month.

  3. Frozen chicken tenders, tortillas, and cheese from Costco with some fresh toppings from the garden can go a long ways. 🙂 I love this idea and can’t wait to see what you come up with. I’ve been on a $200/mo food budget and it works for me.

  4. Nathan! I love it!! $200 for one person is great – normally groceries in a month alone are $400 for us. We don’t have a costco membership but my inlaws do and we love it there! Unfortunately the cheese is an issue with us, we’re non-dairy here because of lactose intolerance’s (although ice cream is REALLY hard to stay away from in the summer) but the chicken tenders would be an amazing hit here. They’re Jessica’s fav’s. We’ll see what I come up with – tonight I was going to make a stew for dinner but didn’t read the recipe well enough to understand that it needed 2 hours of cooking time so unless we wanted to eat dinner at 8, I had to get creative. We had breakfast for dinner and it was great. So far I still have $500 bones, didn’t spend a thing today.

  5. Have you tried Angel Food?? You can get a whole lot of food for $30. My church is part of Angel Food Ministries, and we have a very positive response regarding the food. Owen and I order every month…and have to invite people over to help us eat all the meat because there is SO much! Let me know if you have any questions!

  6. YES! Jessie (I actually wrote Jessica because I can’t NOT write her name when I get going, ha!) anyway – we have angel food ministries here too and we’ve done it as well. It’s been a while since we did and although it was wonderful – for some reason the month we tried it … it just wasn’t as awesome as we were hoping, but I should give it another try. Can’t go wrong for $30 and a basket full of food!

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