Budget Month: Groceries.


I just bought groceries for the house for a couple weeks. I figure this will get us through 2 weeks of meals, I might need to get some fruit and veggies in between now and then but … you guys, I didn’t use one single coupon nor did I purchase a box of anything. No cereal, no hamburger helper. I bought meat and lots of it. Veggies, beans and some canned goods.

My total shopping bill was $61.45.

This is a little something I like to call “I play insane games with myself and I just won.”

Since my debit card is in the freezer and I’m only spending a budget of $500 this month, all cash, I just decide what the days venture or spending is going to be and I put that much cash in my purse.

This morning I knew I was going to need groceries so I played Chicken with the cash envelope and chose to take $70 out.

Then I left the house, without a list and no coupons. I didn’t even organize myself enough to look through cook books. I just went.

I knew I could only spend up to $70 and that we needed meat and dinner type items. I can pull lunches and breakfasts out of my butt on a whim no problem. It’s called Left-overs. And eggs. Done. So, I stuck to the outside of the grocery aisle’s and only ventured down one aisle. The rice and beans aisle. Then we were done.

I’ll be posting the recipes I use this month here at times, too and I’ll try to make a google-sharable-thing at some point with our menu plan.

Also, it helped that we don’t drink milk so that’s an expense we just don’t have. We do consume rice milk on occasion – but I only buy it about 2ce a month and at WalMart, it’s way cheaper, so it doesn’t hurt my budget. I’m sorry, but WalMart is just cheaper. And I already have eggs for this week, and I have rice in the pantry and some pasta (brown rice pasta that I bought on mega-sale a while ago) so … we’re pretty set to go.

Other tips I’ve heard from friends:

Savings Angel – I personally have never checked it out, I think this is the one you have to pay for and I don’t know, I feel it’s a little backwards to be paying for coupons. But, maybe it does work?? I don’t buy the boxed cake mixes or the hamburger helper, so maybe it’s not the option for me.

Also shopping dollar stores for non-perishables. Great idea! You can also check out places like Alice and they work with your coupons so you can get your store bought deals through them, and they deliver it to your door. I signed up, just haven’t used it yet – I’m going to try this month though because we’re out of TP (again) and I have a code for $10 off my first order so, you know. Bonus.

Angel Food Ministries is a wonderful resource too, and around here in the summer our public school system feeds kids in the park a couple times a week.

2 thoughts on “Budget Month: Groceries.

  1. Nice! Very nice!! I went this morning too and spent $35. That should get us through til next week sometime. (It does help that we will be gone this weekend) 🙂 But I didn’t think that was that bad for getting us through next week Wednesday! I do tend to find it VERY helpful to stay just on the out skirts of the stores and Walmart is WAY cheaper…except they don’t carry EVERY thing that I buy all the time.

  2. So where did you shop today and what kind of stuff did you get for only $35?? I’ll do some recipe sharing later today. 🙂

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