Trying to get to the other side

This isn’t writers block but it’s one of those posts that I just have to write something, anything, in order to get on with the next thing.

So here goes:

I’m reading The Memory Keepers Daughter right now and cannot put this book down. I have about 1/4 of the way to go yet and I find myself thinking about these people in this book at the weirdest times. Surprised at how some of the plot unfolds in length and other, more important parts to the entire theme of the book are mere sentences in the middle of a bigger story. You have to pay attention when reading this book or all of sudden you’ll be 5 chapters into and wondering what just happened?

It’s not the best literature I’ve ever read. Not the wisest, most gripping. Not even my all time favorite story – it’s just … so thought provoking. I’ll be going along my day and all of a sudden a question comes up and I can’t stop thinking about how they’ll answer it in the book, if they will at all?
It’s part of my Life List to become well read, which means digging into authors and classics that most people know or talk about amongst themselves at cocktail parties or anniversary gatherings. A group huddled around the cheese and crackers and thinking out loud about they way This Author and That Book made them feel, or impacted their lives.
What are your top 5 must reads, books you would go back to again and again or books that have made serious life changing impacts on your own life?

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