this that and the other thing, plus a video

Hey hey hey!

Welcome to the new site!  We’re still working out kinks and spacing issues and what not, but bear with us.  We’ll try to make this as seamless as possible.

In the mean time have a looksee here…

Slight rant: I’m not entirely easy to work with when change is happening.  So, lets all give my husband some much needed love.  He finally just said – listen woman, let me get it live and then you can change whatever you want. Anyway, here it is.

Kid spacing, myth or science? from Jodi Schaap on Vimeo.

All better!

5 thoughts on “this that and the other thing, plus a video

  1. i personally like the pictures of the beautiful babes UNDER the apple… lookin’ good so far, Jodi!

  2. also, that whole smily face thing, looks way more high-school when it actually becomes a smiley face. Sorry about that, I’ll have to break that habit.

  3. you made me laugh with your video – love your expressions! My kids are only 20 months apart and it was all fine and dandy until baby #2 was no longer a baby either! So I think that the early mobility phase is just always troublesome, no matter how many months/years they are spaced!

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