Ah the school year has begun. Not really. Jessica doesn’t start until next week and I’ve been really happy with the extra time with her. I’m excited for this year and what it means for her and I think that next year she’ll be SO ready for kindergarten – I just don’t know that I will ever be ready for that. Full days away from her. No thank you.

However tonight was the parent meeting at Jessica’s school and it was informative and exciting and oh my goodness I’m already being called by the teachers because I’m late on the papers being handed in. No really. Her classes have not begun and I’m already not handing in important papers.

Maybe this is where we should talk about my organization skills. Tracy? Tracy, are you there? Can you weigh in on this one? I’m not good at the organization. I maybe used to be, at one time. When there were unicorns roaming my backyard that I rode to the candy store every day and paid with rose petals. Yes, that’s when it was. I USED to be organized.

So tonight’s project is for me to get through my pile of stuff and figure out what’s really going on this year with her school.

But then there was this meet-n-greet for the parents with refreshments and as I’m chasing my children around the room because, again with the organization, we totally though tonight was meant for the children to come to the room and meet their classmates (WRONG). So, there I am chasing my kids and helping Oliver with his bloody nose and trying to keep Jessica from double dipping in the salsa, yes, welcome to my relaxing evening among other adults, another parent comes up to me and says – “You look so familiar!”

This is where that dream I have about being naked in highschool becomes reality and I immediately think, have you read my site? Is that why I look familiar? And not in a vain way, really. It’s out of this body weird when someone says they read this thing and I’m all – what? Why?

So I’m scrambling to come up with a reason why they would know me without bringing up this website, because folks, I do not want to be that mom in the co-op preschool. It’s just weird. I’m sorry. It’s uncomfortable for me. I’m trying to not be so shy about it when someone says something about it and instead I’m trying to smile and carry on the conversation. But, I don’t know. It’s WEIRD.

Here’s to flying under the radar this year.

4 thoughts on “Preschool

  1. Hi! Let’s just say preschool is AWESOME and Tara loved it, now we are at 1st grade and I so miss her away from me and wonder all day what and where she is and if she has a smile on her face. I am not sure if that is ever going to go away. She is loving school and now is in the school district I spent 12 years at……so I have to get dressed nice and put on some makeup because I will see at least 1 person a day and won’t remember their names but they will know mine and me (from sports, classes..whatever) and I will stand there nodding searching for their name. This is why I now have a love-hate relationship with being back here in this town! Oh, and while I stand there attempting to have an adult conversation my child is running wild! Sorry so long-winded!

  2. So a little late on this one but, I love the new site! Good job Jodi and Aaron!

    Next thing, maybe Tracy should rent out her organization skills by the hour, I would probably pay for her flight down here and then pay her double what anyone else did just to keep her here to keep my crap in line.

    And I am super excited for Jessica! I know that you know she is going to love it and i’m sure you’ll find ways to fill your days once she goes off to kindergarten, it’ll just take a few weeks for the shell shock to wear off once it comes! Hey wait, I have an idea, maybe once she starts kindergarten I can just make it my job to live up there and keep you company during the day. Yea, lets do that. I have a cute photo of Oliver serving Paul some of his pastry, I’ll send it later!

  3. you guys crack me up. Funny thing is I’m one of the younger moms in the group which does not bother me at all and I don’t think it bothers them either, I kind of like how having kids the same age levels that playing field but I do tend to be self conscious about a few things because of that. Or when they ask what year I graduated and from what school – I kind of want to say … oh you, 99. Maybe 97? Nope. 2001. And then I get a shocked look or the eye roll and some weird story about how they know my brothers. Awesome.

    Yeah, Erin. I love this town, too! haha.

    Christa – Tracy is doing some organizational work on the side I think, we hired her for an afternoon. But you’re right, I pretty much need her in my every day life. That would be PERFECT. ANd yes, please get your butt over here so you can keep my company next year šŸ™‚

  4. ohhh Jodi! you crack me up! No, you’re not as organized as I am, but most would say I border on OCD and should be on medication for my organizational abilities. (my mom’s worse than I am, so I guess it lessens by generation!) I mean really, how many people put their spices in ABC order? Or DVDs, yes all of them alphabatized! Or how baout jewelry, you saw what was behind that door right? and color coding tampons? how many poeple do that? i am obsessive about my shoes, but i’ve worked in a shoe store for 13 years so i feel like that one doesn’t count. Or this, when you decide to move the blender from one cabinet to another, do you end up re-organizing your ENTIRE kitchen, plus taking some cabnits that you never really liked OUT completely? (we’re talking hammer, screwdriver, hubby comes home with me on the counter trying to get these cabinets out of the wall–yes still in my pj’s b/c i was trying to use the blender to blend something for b-fast, and really, i couldn’t use the blender until it was in it’s proper new home, and if i was going to use the blender for this bfast item, it should be closer to where the ingredients go…) yes this is my life… people like me do exist, and people like you balance out people like me. the world needs both and we cannot exist w/o one another. you’d never find those papers, and i’d never learn to relax about the little things! You can put me on a retainer if you want to… just for the everyday things… šŸ˜‰

    and yes Christa, I have toyed around with starting my own organizational business (my mom and i would open it together)… but there are only so many hours in a day to run a church, work at a shoe store (b/c really i cannot pay retail for shoes anymore) and try to get the laundry done. But as Jodi said, I LOVE doing this and am happy to do organizational jobs on the side anytime!!

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