Refer to rule number one.

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get over this greeting: HI! NEW SITE! WOW! LOOK! So I’ll just get that out of my system right now.

WOO HOO! Cart wheels and back flips and LOLLIPOPS!

So we currently don’t have any chips in the house, which is actually normal, but we also don’t have any of the natural sugars I usually keep on hand (agave, honey, maple syrup) and we don’t do dairy so out goes the cheese category. My fridge is full of vegetables. That take time to prepare. And my pantry is full of stuff that requires other stuff to taste good. Ingredients.

I might be freaking out a little bit.

I want to make something in the cakeish department with all this pureed butternut squash I have but I don’t have cream cheese for the filling or the frosting. I only have about 2 cups of white flour in the house and about 5 of whole wheat. I’m running on 1 1/2 cups of refined sugar (THE DEVIL!) and all I want is a little cake. Just a little. I’ll even put SQUASH in it, ok. I will do the tricky, hiding, healthy whatever it is thing and eat squash cake. I just want cake. Bread. Oh bread.

We don’t have any of that either. Literally. Vegetables and some meat and some plums. More vegetables and then a few vegetables. And leeks. And cabbage.

I love these foods, I promise and I’m mostly inspired to cook them for my family in a meaningful and tasteful way, I try. I do. But I just want one muffin, one sweet convection and I want to stop feeling like I’m poisoning my children by letting them eat it. And I’d LOVE to stop believing that if I eat it my blood sugar will continue to suck.

How about we rewrite a few of these rules? I’ll go first.

2. Refer to #1, I’m busy eating frosting.

2 thoughts on “Refer to rule number one.

  1. You’re not poisoning them (ignore me backing slowly away and picking up the phone… call the nutrition CPS…). Seriously, though… while generally eating the non-refined sugars, i PERSONALLY think that you’ll be fine indulging in “the devil” once in a great while… =)

  2. I agree too, I was just having a break down because I was willing to bite my foot off just to bake something. I love to bake but just don’t because of the blood sugar crap. However that doesn’t stop me from eating treats at Grandma’s house. Oh no it does not.

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