Addicted To Chairs Anonymous

We have a chair problem.

Hi, my name is Jodi and I have a problem. With chairs. And actually, I think my husband has the problem. We have a hard time committing to a furniture purchase but we know we need something (!!) so we buy the chair. And only the chair. And then a year goes by and we’re ready for another furniture commitment, but you guessed it, we get scared and uncertain and only purchase the chair.

I would love to be joking in some way right now, but I just cleaned my house and had to maneuver past all 19 chairs, and there are more because I didn’t count the one in our bedroom – wanna know why? BECAUSE IT’S NOT FUNCTIONAL!! Totally forgot about that chair, just sitting there, being a chair all alone. I need to rid myself of this issue.

Do you want photos of this madness? Oh! I’ll make a music video. Or a confessional. Either way, allow me to introduce you to my chairs.

We have a chair problem. from Jodi Schaap on Vimeo.

Final count on the chairs in the house: 25. Twenty Five. There is one chair per year of my life in this house and that’s ridiculous. Although next week I’ll be having a birthday and beating THIS SYSTEM! Any way, the math of this problem is that we only use 24% of the available chair options in this house. And more than half of that 24% is in our dining room.

Yea. I told you we had issues.

4 thoughts on “Addicted To Chairs Anonymous

  1. Umm… yeah… umm… actually a little worried about ‘cha, now…
    Well, I guess no one can ever tell you that you don’t have enough places for them to sit, huh?

  2. So, idea. You should have a chair sale. Like a garage sale but only chairs. Sorry for your disfunction. lol. I don’t want to go into mine so I’m enjoying yours! And whatever happened to that nice couch you used to have??

  3. Oh Bonnie, I love it! A chair sale. I could, but most of them are boring. We’ll see.

    The couch we used to have with the chaise we sold but we have another sectional in the basement. I’m coveting and saving for a new couch but it’s PB so, you know, I’ll be saving for another year!

  4. Which couch do you want from PB?! Thats where we got ours and even though they are pricy – I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I get compliments on it all the time!

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