Some housekeeping

A couple things:

1. I’m a compulsive About me page person. Click on over there and find out why. I won’t always announce when I’ve changed it but it happens often.

2. Updated the Life List. Will do a write up about the goings-on over there soon.

3. The FAQs page probably needs a little more explaining. Do you care? Ok, thanks for being the internet so I can pretend you raised your hand and I’ll just keep talking. Because I was part of the BlogHer network it made almost all of the things I talked about in the FAQs practically impossible so I said no to all the inquiries. I’m still trying to decide on whether or not to continue with their ads. I’m guessing not at this point.

4. My Blogroll is coming back, I just have to figure it out. Which is what I’m doing with most things here, learning a new system. Thanks for the patience with me. I’ll try to keep you updated on the new features. Right now, other than the nifty tabs up there to your right, there aren’t too many.

5. If you were subscribed through a Reader of some sort to my old website (same url) you’ll have to re-subscribe to it again to continue getting the updates. Sorry about that one, couldn’t be avoided.

2 thoughts on “Some housekeeping

  1. PS – Naked on Paper is going to have to get moving. I was fully finished with a post that I just made myself remove from my list as to not burn myself. But I want to post it so badly. It may have to be the first guest post on your site! HAHAH! Can’t wait!

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