we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday

Ok, ok. It’s my birthday today. I am 26 years old today which is kind of funny because I remember being Jessica’s age (4) and hearing about the adults in my parents lives turning this age and thinking “WOW! They’re SO grown up.”

Now I’m that age and I think I should be allowed to whisper a little secret into my 4 year old self’s ear. A dirty little secret that would tell me to stop thinking those grown ups are so mature. And I think I would tell myself to take more risks, even at 4, like not listening so well to my parents. As mind numbing and frustrating as it is, now, to have a daughter who obeys this secret I would have told myself – I really love her sense of self and her constant pull on my maturity. As in: I need to practice what I’m preaching but also – some times she’s completely right. Who does want to sit still in the doctors office? At the dinner table? Etc.

Small example – but the point is. I think I’d like to use this coming year to relax more when it comes to freaking out that I’m parenting all wrong. Go ahead, secretly tell me to shut up, but really.

It’s a good thing I had kids when I did, soooo young. And so very naive. I think I would be a whole hellava lot more annoying if I was having my first now. Or maybe not. I have no idea, really.

That’s what low blood pressure is all about! Feeling at easy, no ruffled feathers.

Anywhosit. Take a walk down memory lane, if you’d like.

Last year I jumped into a lake fully clothed. I think it needs to be a new tradition. So, I’ll be doing that tomorrow evening.

3 thoughts on “we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday

  1. sounds like a good plan. who DOESN’T like to jump into a lake fully clothed?? =)
    Happy birthday, lady. Hope it was a goodie.

  2. Happy Birthday! I can’t believe you are only 26… and 2 kids. I’m already 29 and just a tiny one growing. So… I hate to break it to you… you are parenting all wrong. But good news, there’s no “right” way so you’re in the clear. I won’t tell a soul. 😉 I’ll be on the same track shortly…

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday Jodi!! Hope you had a great day…and have fun jumping into the lake, you crazy woman (I’m just jealous….it sounds like a “cool” tradition!)
    As far as having kids young vs older….I had mine at 21 and 23, loved it, and wouldn’t change it whatsoever but now at 31 (almost 32…yikes) we are thinking about having a couple more….I don’t know if we are totally insane or not but I think it might be all kinds of fun and interesting…that is, if I decide to go for it!!

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