What the little motivator

So that little Life List?? It’s quite the motivator.

Maggie Mason put a challenge out there on her website about checking one thing off this month and I picked “Getting my blood sugar issues figured out once and for all” as the one to tackle this month. Little did I know I’d be crossing this off first! Or that I’d be scheduling skydiving for this month (this coming Saturday) or that I would make the appointment with a new doctor to get this blood sugar stuff figured out and that this new doctor would tell me that she’s worked with a lot of people who either had diabetes or blood sugar issues and none of them are still living with it today! Which means, people, I will beat this. I am going to beat this.

Exclamation points!!!!

I added Bubble Tea to my Try 1,000 new things. But I was not a fan and didn’t have my own camera, so thanks to flickr for this linked photo.

I crossed off the “Big Give” as we gave our car away. I’m not entirely sure I want to cross this one indefinitely but for now … it is.

And we made Sun Pickles! as part of my Make 1,000 lovely things.

Sun Pickles!

Sun Pickles!

Sun Pickles!

Sun Pickles!

And they were (and are) DELICIOUS!

I love this. Checking things off but more than that – recognizing the experiences I’m having as something other than “what we’re doing right now” I love knowing that I’m making memories, that I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do. That I’m working on a goal. That goal just happens to be a fuller life.

2 thoughts on “What the little motivator

  1. Two people I know have done some isagenix cleansing and it’s REALLY helped their type 2 diabetes/blood sug issues. Like hugely. If you want more info, I can give you the name of a lady at our church who can hook you up.

  2. This post put a huge smile on my face! Paul and I were just recently talking about how doing the life list has opened up our lazy weekends and caused us to get moving and to do things. We haven’t even done some of the bigger things but at our picnic Paul mentioned how glad he was that we had my list and that it was helping us to create memories. All of a sudden it was less about accomplishing things and more about enjoying them when they came.

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