A confessional of sorts. Sorted. Etc.

Ah yes. Well I have quite a bit of catching up to do around here. I’ve been taking photos and making videos like crazy to get them up here and then I have laundry to fold and children to play with and well, some times I just don’t get to it. Kinda like buying underwear. Lets talk about that.

3 thoughts on “A confessional of sorts. Sorted. Etc.

  1. Ahh, where do I begin? Video? LOVED IT! So I completely forgot to update my Google Reader with your new RSS so I’ve been missing out. But I’m caught up now. I have tons of comments for all those posts that I just read but, since I’m limited on time, I’ll just say that you do kick major ass my friend! Can’t wait for the launch of Naked on Paper! And I love the new site design here!

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