Budget Month Experiement

So the month of only having $500 has already gone to the dogs. I’m going to try this again next month to see if I can glean from my mishaps this month and plan a bit better. I had a cushion of a some money I had made from photoshoots and selling a couple things on craigslist that quickly got depleted as well and here’s our issue:

Weekend Spending

Simple and to the point, those are the areas in which we generally over spend. Well, the weekends are overspending whereas the Childcare just happens to be that we’re really awesome busier than all get out this month.

The weather’s been wonderful so we haven’t needed to spend money on entertainment for the kids, really. Just exploring our own back yard. We’ve had a couple playdates where McDonalds was involved but I have coupons to offset it most of the time.

It’s just a big balancing act to get everything in under $500. And I think if I could take the Childcare out of the category I would be able to pull it off WAY easier. But I am going to give it another go in October.

I started the month out keeping track of everything and then it just got messy and I stopped. Which, hello, is probably another reason I’m over already this month.

We did end up doing the Angel Food box which we’ll get this weekend and I’ve gotten gift certificates from a couple of the little things I do (My Points is one of them, I’ve been doing My Points for more than 8 years now and it’s wonderfully easy free money – feel free to name me as the referral if you sign up! jodi @ jodimichelle . com)

I’ve also gotten rebate gift certificates from a couple months ago – pretty much this month has been lucky in a lot of ways. Plus it was the birthday month so there’s tons of freebies and loot that go along with that, too.

October will be better!! I can feel it! (So can my wallet)

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