Naked On Paper

Naked on paper shirt design #1, credit to Rinn Design for the awesome design work

Creative design credit goes to Erinn from Rinn Design.

So, hi. It’s finally happening. We’ll be pushing this project live soon and we’re taking submissions – right now just send them to me here and once the site is up and the kinks are smooth, we’ll have a nifty little system for submitting via over there.

You can pre-order this shirt for $17 and there will be more shirts coming in the next few weeks. Adult sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Shipping is a standard $4 (if you’re local – we’ll refund this, just let us know) There will be a 6% sales tax on each purchase.

Just specify size to us in the order form and … we’ll get these made (screen printed) ASAP. They’ll be ready in time for Christmas, as a promise, but hopefully so much sooner. Details unraveling as we create.

Naked On Paper is an idea that started here. I’ve craved being able to write about different things here but it’s never been the right forum or audience and I’ve never felt comfortable crossing certain boundaries or just bleeding all over paper while eyeballs watch across the world. So.

So how about I create a space on line where more souls like me want to share their stories? Maybe you don’t have a blog of your own, or like me, you want to write something outside of the audience you currently create for. Or maybe you just want to elaborate on something. Feel free to be anonymous or use a pen name. Also, feel free to be you. However that looks or feels, you’re welcome here and I can’t wait to meet you.

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