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First day of school, too cool.

School started again!! This is Jessica on her first morning in all her glorious drama fashion. My life really is that interesting. And please know that by “interesting” I mean the entire spectrum from drop dead frazzled/tired/disorganized to out of my mind happy/excited/alive. Also known as Any Mother Of Children. I think. Although I don’t know because when people meet Jessica they usually comment on how outgoing she is or what a riot she must be, or how tired we must get or how busy we always are and they make these comments like it’s possibly different for them, or other parents and children they know.

Here’s the thing: We don’t know any different. Jessica is our first and as such she is what we measure every other child by. By our standards every other child alive is whacked out on crazy bugs and makes you sweat before the coffee is done brewing. When children are calm we kind of just look at each other and wonder what’s wrong?

Oh you mean there are kids who don’t wake up in the morning and crawl out of their room like a cheetah whose purpose in this life is to prove that they are the fastest animal alive, in their underwear, on all four making noises on the hardwood floors before 8 am that should be reserved for Sumo Wrestlers? Oh.

How boring.

So this is the year that when I dreamt of being a mom when I was younger is what I pictured life would be like from day one. I obviously didn’t babysit enough newborns and toddlers. But I am GEEKED about this year. School! Soccer! Minivan!

my soccer star

Jessica has her first game tonight and I signed up to bring the snack for the team (!!!) which means I get to put my Soccer Mom Minivan to it’s full potential tonight and I cannot tell you how darn excited I am to wear those shoes.

Soccer was my sport when I was younger, I played it from age 4 to 7 religiously and then we moved to Michigan where sports are an entirely different story then they were where I learned how to be part of a team and play a game … not compete in a sport. But whatever, we’ll get feely feely about that later, I stopped “competing” in soccer but never stopped loving it.

My favorite memories of soccer when I was younger are the orange slices we got for snack and the dollar I got when my game was done to go spend on concessions. I always bought the Big League Chew.

Being 5 is utopia, no?

So of course, I signed up for snack and guess what I’m bringing??? ORANGE SLICES! How did you guess. It’s a little bit criminal how excited I am for this.

trying out her new cleats

I bought Jessica her cleats the night before her first practice and then we kicked the ball around the yard for a while to make sure they were the right fit and she could get the hang of dribbling and what not before going to practice. Little did I know that putting on those cleats would be like unleashing a hidden talent.

She already knows where the ball goes and how to control it down the field. And I felt like I was being allowed to witness her newborn first cry all over again, when we were filled with wonder and joy and happiness for this life we were going to get to know through the years and the miracle of her personality would play out to us like the most amazing Broadway Spectacle we could ever imagine.

She is amazing to me. In the most wonderful way she is the most tiring and trying thing I’ve ever dealt with and God, how I can’t get enough of it.

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