2 thoughts on “101 and 102

  1. I know you’ve seen mine…but did you know one of mine was to do the “trash the dress” project?! There are a couple of local photographers that photograph girls trashing their wedding dresses (working on a car, in the lake, wedding cake fight, etc) – so when you get that dress back on – I will put mine on and throw the first piece of food at ya. Then we can take photos of it! (Ya know, if you want too…) šŸ™‚
    I am giddy about:
    #54. Riding in a hot air balloon – we’re doing this soon.
    #68. Petting a giraffe.
    #97. Having a design published somewhere….(i wasn’t overly giddy about this one UNTIL last night when one of my clubs from the Ford Center was on the news and I got so excited I thought I might pee on myself).

  2. Ooh! Trashing the dress, I had no idea what that meant but I love it. I’m hoping to do this next spring so … fingers crossed that the dress fits by then.

    and NO WAY! Your design was on the news? I love it!! How FREAKING cool.

    I get butterflies when I think about having a book or article published …some day!

    Yay for Europe in 8 days! Wish I could be in your carry on šŸ™‚ HAVE FUN!

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