Things I want to do while I’m 26

Have I mentioned lately how much I like this list thing?

Well I do.

So I want to make this year of my life as interesting and memorable as possible, and aside from all the normal life things I get to do every day I want to add a few fun things in there to get the excitement building.

Like play Twister in the rain and then body paint (finger paint or whatever on hands and feet, elbows … whatever) on canvas.

Play Bingo. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, just never have, but I think this year – yes, this year I will.

Spend an afternoon in a park drinking wine and playing oldie games. Candy Land, Sorry, Hungry Hippo.

Go to Vegas with my husband.

Cross a couple big things off my life list: the wedding dress ones (jump into body of water and food fight in wedding dress), spend a month in Peru, Stand by Aaron’s side as he accepts a VC check for his idea, Get in the habit of waking up before everyone else in the house and become a published writer for a magazine.

What’s life if you don’t dream it?

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