Getting it under control: life list blood sugar battle

Things are going well with my declaration of getting my blood sugar issues under control. Blood work, monitoring and appointments galore, but we’re making head way. It is improving.

This past week I had an appointment with my OBGYN for my netherlands and a follow up on the whole pancreas on strike issue. Part of their new system (when will this “new system” cycle stop already?) is to REask you all the questions you once answered when you were visiting their office for the very first time. I was all of 14 or something ridiculous. It’s been a while since I’ve been seeing this guy so the questions seemed silly to me. Especially the one about if I’m sexually active.

For the first time ever I answered that question without blushing because I wanted to scream something like YOU ARE GOING TO BE LOOKING AT MY HOOTER, PEOPLE. I HAVE GIVEN BIRTH TO TWO HUMAN BEINGS. YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!! I AM HAVING SEX. LOTS OF IT.

I’m pretty sure the poor nurse who was asking me all these questions didn’t know what to do with herself when I answered. I didn’t yell at her as the above would leave you to believe. I was very quiet about it, but I was also very excited about answering that question. A little giddy to be all, YOU BET I AM!

Which has absolutely nothing to do with blood sugar, but my non-witch doctor was just as concerned about the goings-on of all this 19 months after the fact of finding it in the first place. So blood tests and screenings and back to charting my blood sugar it is for me, for a time.

The new medical professional I’m seeing on a weekly basis is not an MD but so far she’s the only one who’s led me to believe that something really isn’t working right, it’s not just my lot in life to deal with this. She heard me when I said I know my body and somethings not right. Something has not been right for a long time and no one else will help me recognize this.

She is. And we are. And so far, so good.

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