Lets get to know each other a little

How does one go about writing something after she’s jumped out of a plane? Yeah, that one’s not gonna go away for a while. In a year I’ll still be all “well, except I DID jump out of a plane, so you know, I can handle it”. Only we’ll be discussing things like touching bugs and being buried in the sand at the beach.


Tonight I’ll be working on some fun new things for Naked on Paper, oh you haven’t heard of this yet? Oh really? SHUT. UP. It’s only the thing that’s creeping all my time lately and it’s completely worth it. You should be submitting your stories because you are all amazing and I can’t wait to hear more about you.

Can someone please tell us a funny story? I have some, I do … that I will share when I get around to it, but right now I’m in the head space of autumn which usually means the darker side of life. Romance, over thinking and analyzing. And then I write about it, and I’m sure I scare off new friends because all they read from me lately is big what if’s and how scared I am of what’s coming. When really? I can take a joke. I do know how. I can relax and enjoy the small things.

I jumped out of a plane, right? I can handle it.

So come here you pretty little lurkers with your fabulous stories and pee-my-pants-kinda-funny memories. We’re all interested.

And I’m dying to get to know you more. I’ll show you the flesh of my Scapula.

Google it.

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