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A couple family members have recently bought their first houses and I’ve been quite inspired by them. In one house there are magazine clippings on almost every wall with inspiration for what she wants the room to look like finished. A color here, a pattern there. It was so inspiring in fact that I got out my folder labeled “ideas for house” full of magazine pages and sketches and color swatches and started taping them up. Now when I walk up the stairs I get to see the vision or idea of what I someday will walk into, for real. I loved that idea.

Maybe it creates focus? Or maybe it’s just fun to look at all the possibilities and not the same patch of olive/green paint every time I walk up the stairs.

The other new house was just painted (with a little help from my elbow grease, if I do say so myself) and although I hate the taping and edging, I love the painting part of it. Something calming about the repetitive motion of painting – and seeing the walls change colors instantly. So I’m all fired up to change a few of the colors in our rooms through out the house. Maybe even brave enough to tackle a bigger project … painting our basement. Da da da da! We’ll see about that.

I’ve recently written about living in this house for the longest period of time in any home of my entire life and how I wanted to love it and embrace it and make it a home, not a project. (pardon the spacing issues – very much due to the recent back-end migration from one editor to another)

So I’m pretty excited to have new breath in my decorating bones, wanting to make this house ours and not waiting for someone else.

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